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Knife Montage

Today I’m introducing a video section the blog. It will include my own personal gameplay and other’s.  This is my very first gameplay  upload… To get updates on my videos alone,  go to my facebook page, they’ll be updated there … Continue reading

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Tantrum #3

Have you ever checked those pipes by Alpha on Kharg Island?  Have you ever walked on them and went out in the middle of the ocean till the pipe ends? Well, of course, why would you?  Tell that to my … Continue reading

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Assignments: Premium Dog Tags.

ASSIGNMENT: LIFE SAVER Objectives: 50 kills with the F2000 25 Headshots with the F2000 50 squad heals Reward: : The F2000 is very easy gun to use. 50 kills are not much to get, but for quick kills, TDM  mode … Continue reading

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Preimum’s gone live!

Along with the game update patch, they have included Battlefield Premium. All the rumors were true. As a Premium member you get 2 extra camos, dog tags already equippable. Black dog tags that you can unlock by assignments.  You get … Continue reading

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New Patch Update

In a few days there will be another patch update on all platforms. Seemingly well balanced of tweaks and fixes, this will also include a glitch  fix for noob’s fav go to gun, the M26 Dart. Hope you’ve gotten your … Continue reading

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EOD Bot vs Repair Tool

As an Engineer, a repair tool is an important part of being this class. And that is the purpose of both of these tools, to repair or destroy enemy vehicles.   Both are also capable of killing enemies, as well.  To … Continue reading

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Battlefield Premium Update…

There have been a new set of rumors regarding the BF3 subscription, and in fact, it’s not a subscription at all. A once off fee seems to get you all the existing and upcoming DLC for Battlefield 3, and not … Continue reading

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Bad Luck on the Battlefield

Bad luck. Words that haunt a soldier on the battlefield.  This will happen at some point in time, and likely very often. Take note there is a suicide, and a bad luck. Basically the same thing, but of course a … Continue reading

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Main Battle Tank Unlocks

Main Battle Tank unlocks are available through purchase at the in game store, or through any points earned while you’re in a MBT. This does only include killing enemies,  but disabling vehicles, destroying explosives, taking objective, etc.  These can be … Continue reading

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As a Recon, if you want to use any form of enemy detection you can only equip one of these two options. But which one to choose? The T-UGS are very small and relatively simple.  You can place them down … Continue reading

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