Preimum’s gone live!

Along with the game update patch, they have included Battlefield Premium. All the rumors were true.

As a Premium member you get 2 extra camos, dog tags already equippable. Black dog tags that you can unlock by assignments.  You get a ABC-90 knife (more into that later).  What most people have purchased this for is the access to ALL future DLCs that Battlefield will offer and not only that, you get 2 weeks early access to it. So while Close Quarters has not been released to the general public, people who have dished out the cash for premium can download it from the in game store now.

As a premium member you also get priority when in a que. Meaning if there are no other premium members you will be the first to go into a game.  There will be things such as Double XP weekend events, and other premium events (currently no info on)

You also get premium benefits on Battlelog, You will get a BIG premium looking banner on your profile, with the premium symbol by your soldier. You also get features like saving battle reports, and deleting your stats.

Being this is the early stages of BF Premium you can be sure to expect more features to be added to the list.

More on the ABC-90 knife… So the asthetics are drastically different… looking like a box cutter. Though, personally I feel this ABC-90 does not grab people as easily, and increasing the amount of “slash-knifes” and lessening knife takedowns. There are no extra stats for this knife, it all counts as a normal knife kill.

As always, with a big patch full of tweaks and nerfs, this could cause some information to be inaccurate.  Please take note.

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New Patch Update


In a few days there will be another patch update on all platforms. Seemingly well balanced of tweaks and fixes, this will also include a glitch  fix for noob’s fav go to gun, the M26 Dart. Hope you’ve gotten your kills with it before June 4-5th.

Along with the dart, a few of favorite tweaks for  players is probably the slight reduction of suppression, and the decrease of accuracy that usually occurs from it. Thankfully they have decided to address some issues and release this patch before next DLC “Close Quarters” , due for release this month. Along with the patch, there will be some statement about Close Quarters and BF3 Premium on the official blog, so keep posted.

For those experiencing problems with losing stats, this was due to an issue with the FAMAS. Any player who used it would likely cause all the players in a game to lose their stats at the end of the match.  This patch is not related to this, but the fix for it  is due today, June 1st.  So never fear, you do not have to wait a few more days for it.

There is much more to know about the upcoming patch, please check out the following link:

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EOD Bot vs Repair Tool


As an Engineer, a repair tool is an important part of being this class. And that is the purpose of both of these tools, to repair or destroy enemy vehicles.   Both are also capable of killing enemies, as well.  To choose between them depends on which you want to use them for.

The repair tool is quickly deployed, this gives an advantage if your tank is disabled with very little health left, you’ll be able to quickly jump out and repair it.  The same applies when trying to destroy a vehicle.  To kill an enemy with the repair tool is fairly easily, it will cause enough damage to enemy that if catching someone from behind, it will be almost impossible for the enemy to turn around quick enough to kill you.

The EOD Bot is it’s own device. It has a camera allowing you to drive wherever you direct it, it also has its own repair tool and has to  explosives, or even arm M-COM stations in Rush.  The downside to using this is, it can deploy slowly, ie making sure the ground is level enough. It’s still a bit tricky to maneuver, as it drives very quickly. When you start moving the camera around this can cause you to sometimes lose direction. You must be fully aware of the controls and always moving the camera in the direction you are moving to try and avoid getting lost.  These are not recommended for repair use in a tank you are driving in. The time it may take to deploy and drive close enough to repair can result in tank exploding.  It can be used in big vehicle maps, where tanks are expected to take position. If the EOD bot is in the area you can perhaps drill down the tank while not even being physically near it.

When it comes to EOD Bot Strategies, getting kills with it is not always as easy as it would appear.  Hardcore mode would be most affective. These bots can be destroyed easily by small arms fire, not allowing you much time to approach an enemy from the front.  Though not impossible. The EOD Bot is used often while Attacking in Rush mode, as it can arm  or disarm M-COM stations while not being physically near it. That being said, no one expects an EOD Bot to be used while in the Defending position.  M-COMs are usually protected by various forms of explosives. Keep the Bot right next to a M-COM. Not moving it. The enemy will be so focused on arming the M-COM that he will continue to arming it even if he sees the Bot driving closer to drill. This will work as long as any friendly explosives aren’t triggered to kill him. This may better be achieved if the EOD Bot is placed  in front of the MCOM. And drive towards as the enemy has his back turned.

For use in Conquest this can work the same way.  Once you are familiar with a map and where YOU or enemies find a good place to try and take position, it can be useful to have an EOD Bot waiting at the very location. It’s important you are not actively moving it so you do not alert the enemy.  Once the enemy is taking position next to your Bot you can proceed to drill him.  Unlike Rush, in this mode for the EOD Bot, position is crucial.  In Conquest there is more time to take notice to surroundings, as people are not usually defending a single flag the whole time  through.
Getting kills with the EOD Bot can be daunting, and if constantly waiting around “camping” for someone to come by, it may lose its interest for you. That being said, those are probably the easiest ways to get kills with it. Of course you can drive it around whenever you please and hope to get kills, but it’s difficult.

For normal Repair Tool kills it will prove significantly easier. Flanking and enemy from behind will practically guarantee you the kill. If trying to approach an enemy from the front with a repair tool, I’d highly recommend keeping in constant motion to try and avoid any bullets he fires at you. Drilling vehicles is also a good approach. If you can can fire a rocket from directly behind the tank you will be able to drill it for the kills. In a lot of cases this can result in  a suicide.  But drilling a disabled vehicle is a sure way to get kills.  Drilling a tank of full health can go 1 of 3 ways.

1-Drill the tank and scare the driver causing him to jump out and you steal his tank.
2-Drill the tank and disable it, perhaps he drives onwards just enough leave the back of the tank in front of you, giving it a final rocket to rear will gain you the kill.
3- Drill the tank for seconds and he drives quickly enough ahead to shoot and kill you instantly.  Or if the driver is oblivious it may alert the gunner to jump out and kill you.

In either case, repair tools are highly  affective for killing enemies as well as repairing vehicles.

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Battlefield Premium Update…

There have been a new set of rumors regarding the BF3 subscription, and in fact, it’s not a subscription at all. A once off fee seems to get you all the existing and upcoming DLC for Battlefield 3, and not only that, but you gain early access to it.There is a shop in the UK already selling pre-orders of the premium service that converts to around $60 USD.

Personally I believe if you’ve gotten the LE version that came with B2K, and at least plan on buying one or 2 of the DLCs this could prove quite worth the price. At around $15 per DLC  and receiving (estimated of 5 DLC packs)  this is more than worth the money.  Along with each of these DLCs there will be new assignments, which means new weapons. For the Premium users there will likely be new set of weapons limited to only them, camo, dog tags, and who knows what else.

There is no confirmation from DICE about any of this, other than a website already selling premium service. There is no set date of when Close Quarters will be released, but another rumor thaBF3Premium  is to be released after CQ is. If this is the case will you be waiting for the Premium service or buying CQ?


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Bad Luck on the Battlefield

Bad luck. Words that haunt a soldier on the battlefield.  This will happen at some point in time, and likely very often.

Take note there is a suicide, and a bad luck. Basically the same thing, but of course a suicide is somewhat caused by your own doing.

For example, running in to your grenade, or detonating C4 near you will cause you to suicide. Then there are more subtle things, like jumping from a tall building without a parachuting. Or perhaps you were already injured and jumped off a small step and still results a suicide.

Things like  crashing a chopper or jet is also self-inflicted, but this will only cause  a bad luck rather than a suicide. If you are in the sky and didn’t crash with a random bad luck, then someone has probably flown into you.  Going out of bounds will also cause a Bad Luck if not exited in time. Self inflicted, yet only bad luck occurs.

Even so, Bad luck  is one of those WTF moments we all experience. Some of which have reasons. In certain maps, at certain positions… there are small propane tanks that if shot, will explode and will cause you and any near by soldier a bad luck death. Why there are propane tanks randomly scattered about I do not know.  Though they are hardly noticed in game. There are also maps with gas stations or other static objects like broken down cars. These will also cause an explosion that will result in bad luck. If an enemy causes the explosion on these objects, in few cases they will get the kill for it. The last patch was intended to give them the kill each time, but it doesn’t appear so. There is also an instance where a jeep (friendly or otherwise)  could be driving towards you, once the jeep is abandoned and the momentum continues and drives over you,  this will also cause a bad luck. In Caspian Border specifically, towards the end of the game the tower falls. If you are near this tower it will cause an instant death, resulting in – you guessed it-  BAD LUCK.

Now there are some unexplainable bad luck moments as well. An enemy shoots you with something, sometimes results in a Bad Luck rather than a kill for the enemy.  No near by explosive objects in sight. You could be running, and seemingly a burst of lag propels you forward and you die of bad luck. Jumping up a step = bad luck. Obviously, we have fallen and bust our heads open on the concrete, but rather the game tell me that then state “Bad Luck”  once again.

Also what beginners won’t realize, but us veterans discovered the hard way, is that the flames in this game can kill you. You will burn to death, but, it’s still bad luck.  This also applies when you are in a jeep, or even in a tank. Going over flames, or into an explosive tank will end your bf3 lives right there. That being said, explosions from a disabled vehicle when it destroys may also kill you. In most cases this person who disabled the vehicle gets a kill, and even if it was friendly who disabled it can sometimes show as a team kill. But there are plenty times this will show as Bad Luck as well.

There is another type of Bad Luck that you may or may not have experienced.  Though you have seemingly had a “wtf bad luck moment”  at the top of the screen it may say “Killed by Admin”  In which case this means an administrator of a server has switched you to the opposing team.

That may have just covered the basics of unexplainable deaths in BF3. Of course, the more you play the more you discover new ways to die.

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Main Battle Tank Unlocks

ImageMain Battle Tank unlocks are available through purchase at the in game store, or through any points earned while you’re in a MBT. This does only include killing enemies,  but disabling vehicles, destroying explosives, taking objective, etc.  These can be unlocked quite quickly by earning as many points as possible.


IR Smoke/800pts
When smoke is released in a tank it’s used to distract an incoming missile.  Extremely useful when you have javelins or choppers locked on to you, as one direct hit can disable a tank. Smoking when an enemy locks on you will also break the lock, but the main use of the smoke is to distract the missiles. This will also waste the enemy’s ammo if using a javelin.


Coaxial LMG/2100pts
This light machine gun is the same as you would use in the gunner’s seat of the tank, but for the driver’s secondary weapon.  This can also damage light vehicles like jeeps, and choppers. But its main use is to have a quick alternative to shoot infantry.


This will help speed up the turret’s recovery time when it over heats, allowing you to  shoot more frequently.


Zoom Optics/7600pts
A magnification lens for the driver, this will allow you to zoom in x3. This will only really benefit to those who have Coaxial MGs as their secondary weapon.


This assists your tanks recovery time from damage. It will not repair a disabled tank, but it will improve the self recovery time of a damaged tank ever so slightly.  This is active in any seat of the tank.


Coaxial HMG/17700pts
Like LMG this is a secondary weapon for the driver, and it can damage light vehicles. The difference is these bullets are bigger, and cause more damage. That being said, the rate of fire is drastically lower than the LMG, and over heats faster.


Proximity Scan/24700pts
A motion sensor on your tank to reveal near by enemies on the mini map. This is extremely useful if you actively check your mini map, and can save your tank from someone trying to deploy explosives. The proximity scan is also active in any seat of the tank.

Guided Shell/33200pts
A secondary weapon for the driver, it has a similar effect of a javelin. It locks on to ground vehicles (or even MAV) and once locked and fired does an increasing amount of damage. The canister shell can also be used to lock on to air vehicles that have a laser lock on them.

Thermal Optics/43200pts
Thermal Optics have the same view as the MAV. Easy to spot and reveal hidden enemies, explosives, or equipment.  Only available for the driver, it is amazingly useful in small infantry maps.

Thermal Camo/54800pts
The thermal camo is used by any seat of the tank. It will affect visibility to enemies viewing through thermal optics, and increase difficulty of enemies locking on to you with guided missiles.

Canister Shell/68100pts
This shoots like a shotgun, but for your tank. It sprays out bullets wide-spread giving you a wide range opposed to a dead on shot.

Reactive Armor /83200pts
This protects the vulnerable sides of your tank. You can view the armor while in inside view on tank indicator shown at the bottom.  When hit, it  will destroy the armor that protects your tank, allowing for minimal damage. In most cases this allows you to give an extra shot when you are hit first by another tank. The armor can be replenished by repair tool.

CITV Station/10000pts
This is the final unlock you will receive. This allows for a permanent, non equipped, extra seat in the tank. Often referred to as the “3rd seat”. This not only allows you the option to spawn into a tank if both driver and gunner seat is occupied, but will allow you to lock on to enemy vehicles and providing laser designations for your team. The CITV Station also has a magnified thermal optic view, to assist your driver spotting enemies and explosives.

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As a Recon, if you want to use any form of enemy detection you can only equip one of these two options. But which one to choose?

The T-UGS are very small and relatively simple.  You can place them down in a more camouflaged spot without them getting noticed.  T-UGS will beep when an enemy is moving in range, but you can easily bypass them if you are crouching or proning.   In very crowded places this a good to quickly deploy and get many assists.  The size of the T-UGS can possibly cause it to last longer. This makes it hard to shoot and destroy, unless a grenade is thrown.

The MAV does basically the same thing the T-UGS do.  However it has the benefit of flight, and while in flight the camera has a thermal optic view, allowing you to manually spot enemies, or explosives.  The MAV does have a motion sensor , but is much bigger than T-UGS and can be easily spotted and destroyed. That being said, the MAV can be flown high enough to be out of sight, and still used as a motion sensor.  The MAV can be used tactically as well, by scoping out enemy areas before charging in to them.  Or to search a map for a well hidden sniper.  The bonus to the MAV is that it also has the ability to roadkill someone.

For a roadkill you must fly directly into a soldier. Depending on how hard the impact is, or the area you have hit, the MAV will explode.  It is still possible to get a small kill streak with the MAV but it’s mostly just a matter of luck.

Both the MAV and T-UGS can be replenished with ammo. Both can also be picked up and repositioned. If, however you are killed and revived, your gadgets will remain, but you will no longer be able to pick them up. they  will also self destruct upon respawning.

The choice is yours when choosing, but consider you surroundings or the main use  for which you want to use it.

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Rented Server Overview


Rented servers deserve to be discussed some.

As it is currently, there are not many EA/DICE servers available, and unless you rent your own, you are going to be in somebody’s rented server most of the time.  Though as of recently, it has been rumored that DICE will be releasing more home servers so users aren’t forced to play on other people’s.

There are however, things to know when joining someone’s customized server. You will see some have rules about which weapons you’re not allowed to use. Ignore it completely. No one who has rented a server is allowed to tell you that you cannot use a shotgun. It’s in the ToS when they agree to rent it.  If you are kicked/banned for using a restricted weapon, I suggest you either go to their battelog page, or contact EA support to report the user and his server. The server will get taken from the person without refund.   Keep in mind, in an unranked server, listing any restrictions you want is acceptable. Because points/kills and every other stats are not logged while playing Unranked servers.

The only “rules”  an Administrator is allowed to list in a Ranked server,  are no glitches/exploits (which may be a specific weapon such as the M26)  This also means, all those restricted kit servers (knife, pistol only, etc) are not allowed and can also be removed.  Admins are allowed to determine a gameplay style as well. To say you may not spawn camp vehicles, steal enemy vehicles, spawn kill, etc.  If you are kicked for one of those reasons, your report will be in vain because the Admins are following ToS.

Needless to say boosting in game is also not acceptable and if caught your server will be taken without refund and your stats will be wiped.

When you are kicked or banned from a sever a message will appear saying so. In game you may experience a bad luck type death that says “Killed by Admin”  This means an Admin has switched you to the opposing team. Likely for team balancing purposes. When killed by Admin, this will not count towards a death. But it can still be equally as frustrating.

If you are wondering what the benefit of having your own server is, you can literally change any setting in the game. Though, that being said, if tweaked specific settings, then the server will automatically become unranked.  You may choose the maps of your choice, the rotation, how many times you wish to play it, which ever game modes you want to play,. As discussed you can kick or ban desired players from a server you Admin. You can rent a server for 1 day, 1 week, 3 months or a year. This can be useful if you are in a Clan or would like to initiate clan matches.


For more information, here you can find the Rules of Conduct here:

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Tantrum #2

Don’t you hate it when you spawn in a big vehicle map moments too late and end up having to run to the field? But suddenly you see a guy in a MBT and you plead with him for lift and he stops. WOO HOO! Then suddenly he stops right outside of deployment shooting jets with his light machine gun and you’re kinda wishing he didn’t stop after all….  But the guy in your squad by now is also thinking, “YES! A lift”  and decides to spawn in the 3rd seat.  Like a useful guy he tries to lock the jet with his CITV Station,  and while doing so the noob that’s driving releases smoke to stop what he thinks is a lock on our vehicle. Smoke subsides, the guy re-locks the jet and the noob releases more smoke. That carried on until we decided it’s probably just better to run it.


Do not be that noob.

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Knife Strategies


With the knife you get a service star after every 100 kills. Some people get confused with tags, as it has no mastery dog (for 500 kills)  you do not even unlock one for you first 100 kills. However, receiving the melee ribbon 10 times will achieve you a basic tag. When you get 30 ribbons (a melee medal) you will get your advanced dog tag that displays your knife count.

There are 3 kinds of people when it comes to knifing. Good knifers, ok knifers and bad ones.
The bad ones, they don’t particularly knife much at all, either they are noobs, or the times they have tried to the game rejects it so they believe shooting is safer and prefer it.

Ok knifers will chase, and of course they will also take the easy knife when someone has their back turned  (like maybe the bad ones would)

Good knifers, will actually train themselves to go for the knife, rather than shoot them.  Certainly they won’t get the knife every time when doing this, they may even suffer k/d wise.  Good knifers know what is and what is not possible in game by observing the game’s behavior.  They know they cannot get dog tags unless they are behind, or to the side of the enemy, so if they run face on with another player they will make every attempt to get behind the player.

There are two kinds of knifing in this game. A “knife take down”, which earns you a player’s dog tags. And what I call a “slash knife” which means the knife will graze a player and do damage,  By performing a knife taken down and getting player’s tags, this only means his tags will be in your collection. You cannot use them in any way.   A slash knife does 50% damage, so he can easily be killed with two swipes.  This action will simply gives you a kill towards your knife count, and towards a melee ribbon. You don’t receive dog tags for this.   Slash knifes can occur if a player is obstructed by cover,  if he is higher than you,  or if you go try to knife an enemy in the face.  With time you will be able to tell who you will be able to knife and how.

It is said that once the knife animation starts the game has decided you get the kill. This has been proven it’s not the case.  There are times when you have already grabbed a person, turned him around and you still won’t get the kill. After a certain point in the animation though, there is no reversing it.  While you have just “grabbed” someone pulling him back, since he hasn’t technically died yet, a person in his squad can also still spawn on him, which will place him behind you as you are still knifing him.  There is a distinctive, yet subtle sound it makes when this happens, learning it can help save you.

When it comes to knife strategies, flanking is the most important.  In some maps it can benefit you to run  to the other end of the map at the very start, and catch everyone with their back turned.  This will always be what you strive for when knifing. While you can learn tricks to knifing, there is nothing like an easy knife.

There are things that can benefit you when knifing. Sprint specialization  will help you catch up  to an enemy, or even out run one in a chase scene. Jumping will also help you to speed yourself up. There are gadgets in the Recon class  that can assist you for knifing.  The T-UGS and Radio Beacon.

Radio Beacons can get you behind enemies. If the opposing team has captured a flag, if your beacon is in that area you can always spawn there and catch them from behind.
T-UGS will monitor the mini map and alert you when there is a near by moving enemy. This can help as you can see which way they are facing, and chase them without running into them face first.

For knifing, you need to be very observant of not only the mini map, but your surroundings. People using unsuppressed weapons will be highlighted on the mini map for every bullet fired. You may hear someone shooting, and notice on the mini map there are no friendlies near by.

When it comes to knifing people on Mortars, this can be done on console.  You cannot obtain their tags while they are in their “vehicle”  however you can slash them, and gain a kill. If a player exits the mortar as you knife, this will perform a knife take down and obtain his tags.

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