Assignments: Premium Dog Tags.




  • 50 kills with the F2000
  • 25 Headshots with the F2000
  • 50 squad heals



The F2000 is very easy gun to use. 50 kills are not much to get, but for quick kills, TDM  mode or even the CQ maps will work really well.

25 headshots should also come pretty easy within the 50 kills, but if you’re struggling, try taking the easy kill. An enemy on stationary, mortars,  a jeep, etc,  take the aim to his head to move the headshots along.

50 squad heals sound like it’s easy, but everyone seems to run away when you leave medics down.  These heals only apply to members of your squad so following them around and throwing medic kits at them will be the easiest.




  • 50 kills with the PKP Pecheneg
  • 50 squad resupplies

Reward: Image

50 kills with the PKP LMG can also easily be obtained in TDM or CQ.  The rounds will offer significant suppression to interfere with the enemy’s vision and giving you advantage.

50 resupplies account only to your squad members. Follow anyone with a shotgun and you will have quick resupplies. Maps where most prefer to spawn as engineer will likely give you quick resupplies as well.




  • 50 kills with the L96
  • 25 headshots with the L96
  • 25 spawns on your spawn beacon

Reward:ImageThe L96 is a bolt action sniper rifle. You can only get this weapon if you have completed B2K assignment  “Creeping Death”.  If you haven’t used this weapon because you don’t snipe, the best option will be to go iron sight.  Will do a lot of damage to enemies hitting them in their vitals. If you can unlock your favorite scope, the better.  Any map would work for aggressive recon style,  but if you are going for proper sniping to get the headshots too,  I’ recommend a Caspian Border TDM, or Tehran Highway (TDM or CQ)

When it comes to the 25 headshots, this weapon is not as accurate as it used to be if you’ve played with it before. Even at around 200m you could place the scope directly on his head for a clean shot. However now, starting around 100m you must lift the scope ever so slightly and increase the height the further away your target gets.

25 Beacon spawns will come quite quickly.  For even quicker pace, a good place to use beacons is in Rush, or TDM. In TDM it’s not possible to spawn on your squad. But everyone wants to be able to spawn. If you put a beacon down you are guarenteed to have your squad spawning on your beacon after every death. You are not forced to use a rifle while doing this, but you can freely use a PDW while getting your spawns. But make sure the beacon does not parachute you.




  • 50 kills with Scar-H
  • 50 squad repairs
  • 25 shotgun kills


Personally I do not find the Scar-H a fun gun to use. But it must be done. It might be difficult to get 50 kills if you are only playing engineer in big vehicle maps, so a TDM or close quarter map will help you get the 50 kills you need.

50 squad repairs can be tricky. Usually you try to repair a guy and he abandons the vehicle. Going in a scout chopper as a passenger could get you some quick repairs.  If you are a gunner in a tank, jump out and go behind the tank to repair if an enemy tank fires. These may take a bit to accumulate if you don’t have friends to play with, and know the guy repairing usually gets killed in most scenarios.

25 shotgun kills is simple. Any noob can shoot a shotgun, so you’re in luck.  These will work well in any small map so try it out. Take note that you MUST be Engineer class to have your shotgun kills accumulate towards this assignment.




  • 30 Kills with Assault Rifles
  • 30 Kills with Carbines
  • 30 Kills with Sniper Rifles
  • 30 Kills with Light Machine Guns
  • Get 15 kills with Pistols

Reward:ImageFrom my experience, I had everything checked off this list when doing the previous assignments, but I never “completed” the assignment until the others were finished.  So that being said, Just continue on with the previous assignments and the other Close Quarter assignments and this will come easily.

For Pistol kills I’d recommend just playing a couple matches of Gun Master if you’ve already downloaded Close Quarters. This will also account towards other assignment objectives.


About battlenoobs

Battlenoobs was created primarily for the beginners in the battlefield who may not have experience with the Battlefield franchises, or FPS in general. While most of the information is basic and targeted at console users, I hope to add some tips and strategies for advanced players as well. Any inaccuracies that you may come across in this blog are result of a game patch.
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