New Patch Update


In a few days there will be another patch update on all platforms. Seemingly well balanced of tweaks and fixes, this will also include a glitch  fix for noob’s fav go to gun, the M26 Dart. Hope you’ve gotten your kills with it before June 4-5th.

Along with the dart, a few of favorite tweaks for  players is probably the slight reduction of suppression, and the decrease of accuracy that usually occurs from it. Thankfully they have decided to address some issues and release this patch before next DLC “Close Quarters” , due for release this month. Along with the patch, there will be some statement about Close Quarters and BF3 Premium on the official blog, so keep posted.

For those experiencing problems with losing stats, this was due to an issue with the FAMAS. Any player who used it would likely cause all the players in a game to lose their stats at the end of the match.  This patch is not related to this, but the fix for it  is due today, June 1st.  So never fear, you do not have to wait a few more days for it.

There is much more to know about the upcoming patch, please check out the following link:


About battlenoobs

Battlenoobs was created primarily for the beginners in the battlefield who may not have experience with the Battlefield franchises, or FPS in general. While most of the information is basic and targeted at console users, I hope to add some tips and strategies for advanced players as well. Any inaccuracies that you may come across in this blog are result of a game patch.
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