EOD Bot vs Repair Tool


As an Engineer, a repair tool is an important part of being this class. And that is the purpose of both of these tools, to repair or destroy enemy vehicles.   Both are also capable of killing enemies, as well.  To choose between them depends on which you want to use them for.

The repair tool is quickly deployed, this gives an advantage if your tank is disabled with very little health left, you’ll be able to quickly jump out and repair it.  The same applies when trying to destroy a vehicle.  To kill an enemy with the repair tool is fairly easily, it will cause enough damage to enemy that if catching someone from behind, it will be almost impossible for the enemy to turn around quick enough to kill you.

The EOD Bot is it’s own device. It has a camera allowing you to drive wherever you direct it, it also has its own repair tool and has to  explosives, or even arm M-COM stations in Rush.  The downside to using this is, it can deploy slowly, ie making sure the ground is level enough. It’s still a bit tricky to maneuver, as it drives very quickly. When you start moving the camera around this can cause you to sometimes lose direction. You must be fully aware of the controls and always moving the camera in the direction you are moving to try and avoid getting lost.  These are not recommended for repair use in a tank you are driving in. The time it may take to deploy and drive close enough to repair can result in tank exploding.  It can be used in big vehicle maps, where tanks are expected to take position. If the EOD bot is in the area you can perhaps drill down the tank while not even being physically near it.

When it comes to EOD Bot Strategies, getting kills with it is not always as easy as it would appear.  Hardcore mode would be most affective. These bots can be destroyed easily by small arms fire, not allowing you much time to approach an enemy from the front.  Though not impossible. The EOD Bot is used often while Attacking in Rush mode, as it can arm  or disarm M-COM stations while not being physically near it. That being said, no one expects an EOD Bot to be used while in the Defending position.  M-COMs are usually protected by various forms of explosives. Keep the Bot right next to a M-COM. Not moving it. The enemy will be so focused on arming the M-COM that he will continue to arming it even if he sees the Bot driving closer to drill. This will work as long as any friendly explosives aren’t triggered to kill him. This may better be achieved if the EOD Bot is placed  in front of the MCOM. And drive towards as the enemy has his back turned.

For use in Conquest this can work the same way.  Once you are familiar with a map and where YOU or enemies find a good place to try and take position, it can be useful to have an EOD Bot waiting at the very location. It’s important you are not actively moving it so you do not alert the enemy.  Once the enemy is taking position next to your Bot you can proceed to drill him.  Unlike Rush, in this mode for the EOD Bot, position is crucial.  In Conquest there is more time to take notice to surroundings, as people are not usually defending a single flag the whole time  through.
Getting kills with the EOD Bot can be daunting, and if constantly waiting around “camping” for someone to come by, it may lose its interest for you. That being said, those are probably the easiest ways to get kills with it. Of course you can drive it around whenever you please and hope to get kills, but it’s difficult.

For normal Repair Tool kills it will prove significantly easier. Flanking and enemy from behind will practically guarantee you the kill. If trying to approach an enemy from the front with a repair tool, I’d highly recommend keeping in constant motion to try and avoid any bullets he fires at you. Drilling vehicles is also a good approach. If you can can fire a rocket from directly behind the tank you will be able to drill it for the kills. In a lot of cases this can result in  a suicide.  But drilling a disabled vehicle is a sure way to get kills.  Drilling a tank of full health can go 1 of 3 ways.

1-Drill the tank and scare the driver causing him to jump out and you steal his tank.
2-Drill the tank and disable it, perhaps he drives onwards just enough leave the back of the tank in front of you, giving it a final rocket to rear will gain you the kill.
3- Drill the tank for seconds and he drives quickly enough ahead to shoot and kill you instantly.  Or if the driver is oblivious it may alert the gunner to jump out and kill you.

In either case, repair tools are highly  affective for killing enemies as well as repairing vehicles.


About battlenoobs

Battlenoobs was created primarily for the beginners in the battlefield who may not have experience with the Battlefield franchises, or FPS in general. While most of the information is basic and targeted at console users, I hope to add some tips and strategies for advanced players as well. Any inaccuracies that you may come across in this blog are result of a game patch.
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