Bad Luck on the Battlefield

Bad luck. Words that haunt a soldier on the battlefield.  This will happen at some point in time, and likely very often.

Take note there is a suicide, and a bad luck. Basically the same thing, but of course a suicide is somewhat caused by your own doing.

For example, running in to your grenade, or detonating C4 near you will cause you to suicide. Then there are more subtle things, like jumping from a tall building without a parachuting. Or perhaps you were already injured and jumped off a small step and still results a suicide.

Things like  crashing a chopper or jet is also self-inflicted, but this will only cause  a bad luck rather than a suicide. If you are in the sky and didn’t crash with a random bad luck, then someone has probably flown into you.  Going out of bounds will also cause a Bad Luck if not exited in time. Self inflicted, yet only bad luck occurs.

Even so, Bad luck  is one of those WTF moments we all experience. Some of which have reasons. In certain maps, at certain positions… there are small propane tanks that if shot, will explode and will cause you and any near by soldier a bad luck death. Why there are propane tanks randomly scattered about I do not know.  Though they are hardly noticed in game. There are also maps with gas stations or other static objects like broken down cars. These will also cause an explosion that will result in bad luck. If an enemy causes the explosion on these objects, in few cases they will get the kill for it. The last patch was intended to give them the kill each time, but it doesn’t appear so. There is also an instance where a jeep (friendly or otherwise)  could be driving towards you, once the jeep is abandoned and the momentum continues and drives over you,  this will also cause a bad luck. In Caspian Border specifically, towards the end of the game the tower falls. If you are near this tower it will cause an instant death, resulting in – you guessed it-  BAD LUCK.

Now there are some unexplainable bad luck moments as well. An enemy shoots you with something, sometimes results in a Bad Luck rather than a kill for the enemy.  No near by explosive objects in sight. You could be running, and seemingly a burst of lag propels you forward and you die of bad luck. Jumping up a step = bad luck. Obviously, we have fallen and bust our heads open on the concrete, but rather the game tell me that then state “Bad Luck”  once again.

Also what beginners won’t realize, but us veterans discovered the hard way, is that the flames in this game can kill you. You will burn to death, but, it’s still bad luck.  This also applies when you are in a jeep, or even in a tank. Going over flames, or into an explosive tank will end your bf3 lives right there. That being said, explosions from a disabled vehicle when it destroys may also kill you. In most cases this person who disabled the vehicle gets a kill, and even if it was friendly who disabled it can sometimes show as a team kill. But there are plenty times this will show as Bad Luck as well.

There is another type of Bad Luck that you may or may not have experienced.  Though you have seemingly had a “wtf bad luck moment”  at the top of the screen it may say “Killed by Admin”  In which case this means an administrator of a server has switched you to the opposing team.

That may have just covered the basics of unexplainable deaths in BF3. Of course, the more you play the more you discover new ways to die.


About battlenoobs

Battlenoobs was created primarily for the beginners in the battlefield who may not have experience with the Battlefield franchises, or FPS in general. While most of the information is basic and targeted at console users, I hope to add some tips and strategies for advanced players as well. Any inaccuracies that you may come across in this blog are result of a game patch.
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