Main Battle Tank Unlocks

ImageMain Battle Tank unlocks are available through purchase at the in game store, or through any points earned while you’re in a MBT. This does only include killing enemies,  but disabling vehicles, destroying explosives, taking objective, etc.  These can be unlocked quite quickly by earning as many points as possible.


IR Smoke/800pts
When smoke is released in a tank it’s used to distract an incoming missile.  Extremely useful when you have javelins or choppers locked on to you, as one direct hit can disable a tank. Smoking when an enemy locks on you will also break the lock, but the main use of the smoke is to distract the missiles. This will also waste the enemy’s ammo if using a javelin.


Coaxial LMG/2100pts
This light machine gun is the same as you would use in the gunner’s seat of the tank, but for the driver’s secondary weapon.  This can also damage light vehicles like jeeps, and choppers. But its main use is to have a quick alternative to shoot infantry.


This will help speed up the turret’s recovery time when it over heats, allowing you to  shoot more frequently.


Zoom Optics/7600pts
A magnification lens for the driver, this will allow you to zoom in x3. This will only really benefit to those who have Coaxial MGs as their secondary weapon.


This assists your tanks recovery time from damage. It will not repair a disabled tank, but it will improve the self recovery time of a damaged tank ever so slightly.  This is active in any seat of the tank.


Coaxial HMG/17700pts
Like LMG this is a secondary weapon for the driver, and it can damage light vehicles. The difference is these bullets are bigger, and cause more damage. That being said, the rate of fire is drastically lower than the LMG, and over heats faster.


Proximity Scan/24700pts
A motion sensor on your tank to reveal near by enemies on the mini map. This is extremely useful if you actively check your mini map, and can save your tank from someone trying to deploy explosives. The proximity scan is also active in any seat of the tank.

Guided Shell/33200pts
A secondary weapon for the driver, it has a similar effect of a javelin. It locks on to ground vehicles (or even MAV) and once locked and fired does an increasing amount of damage. The canister shell can also be used to lock on to air vehicles that have a laser lock on them.

Thermal Optics/43200pts
Thermal Optics have the same view as the MAV. Easy to spot and reveal hidden enemies, explosives, or equipment.  Only available for the driver, it is amazingly useful in small infantry maps.

Thermal Camo/54800pts
The thermal camo is used by any seat of the tank. It will affect visibility to enemies viewing through thermal optics, and increase difficulty of enemies locking on to you with guided missiles.

Canister Shell/68100pts
This shoots like a shotgun, but for your tank. It sprays out bullets wide-spread giving you a wide range opposed to a dead on shot.

Reactive Armor /83200pts
This protects the vulnerable sides of your tank. You can view the armor while in inside view on tank indicator shown at the bottom.  When hit, it  will destroy the armor that protects your tank, allowing for minimal damage. In most cases this allows you to give an extra shot when you are hit first by another tank. The armor can be replenished by repair tool.

CITV Station/10000pts
This is the final unlock you will receive. This allows for a permanent, non equipped, extra seat in the tank. Often referred to as the “3rd seat”. This not only allows you the option to spawn into a tank if both driver and gunner seat is occupied, but will allow you to lock on to enemy vehicles and providing laser designations for your team. The CITV Station also has a magnified thermal optic view, to assist your driver spotting enemies and explosives.


About battlenoobs

Battlenoobs was created primarily for the beginners in the battlefield who may not have experience with the Battlefield franchises, or FPS in general. While most of the information is basic and targeted at console users, I hope to add some tips and strategies for advanced players as well. Any inaccuracies that you may come across in this blog are result of a game patch.
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