Rented Server Overview


Rented servers deserve to be discussed some.

As it is currently, there are not many EA/DICE servers available, and unless you rent your own, you are going to be in somebody’s rented server most of the time.  Though as of recently, it has been rumored that DICE will be releasing more home servers so users aren’t forced to play on other people’s.

There are however, things to know when joining someone’s customized server. You will see some have rules about which weapons you’re not allowed to use. Ignore it completely. No one who has rented a server is allowed to tell you that you cannot use a shotgun. It’s in the ToS when they agree to rent it.  If you are kicked/banned for using a restricted weapon, I suggest you either go to their battelog page, or contact EA support to report the user and his server. The server will get taken from the person without refund.   Keep in mind, in an unranked server, listing any restrictions you want is acceptable. Because points/kills and every other stats are not logged while playing Unranked servers.

The only “rules”  an Administrator is allowed to list in a Ranked server,  are no glitches/exploits (which may be a specific weapon such as the M26)  This also means, all those restricted kit servers (knife, pistol only, etc) are not allowed and can also be removed.  Admins are allowed to determine a gameplay style as well. To say you may not spawn camp vehicles, steal enemy vehicles, spawn kill, etc.  If you are kicked for one of those reasons, your report will be in vain because the Admins are following ToS.

Needless to say boosting in game is also not acceptable and if caught your server will be taken without refund and your stats will be wiped.

When you are kicked or banned from a sever a message will appear saying so. In game you may experience a bad luck type death that says “Killed by Admin”  This means an Admin has switched you to the opposing team. Likely for team balancing purposes. When killed by Admin, this will not count towards a death. But it can still be equally as frustrating.

If you are wondering what the benefit of having your own server is, you can literally change any setting in the game. Though, that being said, if tweaked specific settings, then the server will automatically become unranked.  You may choose the maps of your choice, the rotation, how many times you wish to play it, which ever game modes you want to play,. As discussed you can kick or ban desired players from a server you Admin. You can rent a server for 1 day, 1 week, 3 months or a year. This can be useful if you are in a Clan or would like to initiate clan matches.


For more information, here you can find the Rules of Conduct here:


About battlenoobs

Battlenoobs was created primarily for the beginners in the battlefield who may not have experience with the Battlefield franchises, or FPS in general. While most of the information is basic and targeted at console users, I hope to add some tips and strategies for advanced players as well. Any inaccuracies that you may come across in this blog are result of a game patch.
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