Knife Strategies


With the knife you get a service star after every 100 kills. Some people get confused with tags, as it has no mastery dog (for 500 kills)  you do not even unlock one for you first 100 kills. However, receiving the melee ribbon 10 times will achieve you a basic tag. When you get 30 ribbons (a melee medal) you will get your advanced dog tag that displays your knife count.

There are 3 kinds of people when it comes to knifing. Good knifers, ok knifers and bad ones.
The bad ones, they don’t particularly knife much at all, either they are noobs, or the times they have tried to the game rejects it so they believe shooting is safer and prefer it.

Ok knifers will chase, and of course they will also take the easy knife when someone has their back turned  (like maybe the bad ones would)

Good knifers, will actually train themselves to go for the knife, rather than shoot them.  Certainly they won’t get the knife every time when doing this, they may even suffer k/d wise.  Good knifers know what is and what is not possible in game by observing the game’s behavior.  They know they cannot get dog tags unless they are behind, or to the side of the enemy, so if they run face on with another player they will make every attempt to get behind the player.

There are two kinds of knifing in this game. A “knife take down”, which earns you a player’s dog tags. And what I call a “slash knife” which means the knife will graze a player and do damage,  By performing a knife taken down and getting player’s tags, this only means his tags will be in your collection. You cannot use them in any way.   A slash knife does 50% damage, so he can easily be killed with two swipes.  This action will simply gives you a kill towards your knife count, and towards a melee ribbon. You don’t receive dog tags for this.   Slash knifes can occur if a player is obstructed by cover,  if he is higher than you,  or if you go try to knife an enemy in the face.  With time you will be able to tell who you will be able to knife and how.

It is said that once the knife animation starts the game has decided you get the kill. This has been proven it’s not the case.  There are times when you have already grabbed a person, turned him around and you still won’t get the kill. After a certain point in the animation though, there is no reversing it.  While you have just “grabbed” someone pulling him back, since he hasn’t technically died yet, a person in his squad can also still spawn on him, which will place him behind you as you are still knifing him.  There is a distinctive, yet subtle sound it makes when this happens, learning it can help save you.

When it comes to knife strategies, flanking is the most important.  In some maps it can benefit you to run  to the other end of the map at the very start, and catch everyone with their back turned.  This will always be what you strive for when knifing. While you can learn tricks to knifing, there is nothing like an easy knife.

There are things that can benefit you when knifing. Sprint specialization  will help you catch up  to an enemy, or even out run one in a chase scene. Jumping will also help you to speed yourself up. There are gadgets in the Recon class  that can assist you for knifing.  The T-UGS and Radio Beacon.

Radio Beacons can get you behind enemies. If the opposing team has captured a flag, if your beacon is in that area you can always spawn there and catch them from behind.
T-UGS will monitor the mini map and alert you when there is a near by moving enemy. This can help as you can see which way they are facing, and chase them without running into them face first.

For knifing, you need to be very observant of not only the mini map, but your surroundings. People using unsuppressed weapons will be highlighted on the mini map for every bullet fired. You may hear someone shooting, and notice on the mini map there are no friendlies near by.

When it comes to knifing people on Mortars, this can be done on console.  You cannot obtain their tags while they are in their “vehicle”  however you can slash them, and gain a kill. If a player exits the mortar as you knife, this will perform a knife take down and obtain his tags.


About battlenoobs

Battlenoobs was created primarily for the beginners in the battlefield who may not have experience with the Battlefield franchises, or FPS in general. While most of the information is basic and targeted at console users, I hope to add some tips and strategies for advanced players as well. Any inaccuracies that you may come across in this blog are result of a game patch.
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