Radio Beacon Strategies


You may think there is no strategy to a radio beacon, as you can spawn as Recon and check out your gadgets and  put it down. But before you do, there are some useful things to know, first.

The beacon will grant you access to anywhere on the map. Keep that in mind.   There are 2 ways to utilize this gadget. Tactical use, or for convenience.

Tactical use is for getting behind the enemy. In some maps it’s useful to place a beacon  the position closest to which the enemy spawns.  That will be the first position an enemy takes, and will always have quick access to reclaim that particular flag.  With a beacon, you can always spawn at the position even if your team hasn’t captured it. Not only will this will help to flank the enemy and catch them with their back turned, but it will help greatly if your team is stuck in deployment and being killed as soon as you spawn.  You and your squad can quickly take a position where there is currently no attention.  When using a beacon for tactical use you want to make sure the beacon is close enough to the position, but far enough away and hidden so the enemy not only finds it, but doesn’t hear it’s beeping.

For convenience, this beacon can be placed at a hot zone. If you have a flag,  and are familiar with the game’s spawn points, you can place a beacon closer to the action to save running time.  If you are sniping, you can place a beacon near by you to quickly respawn in the area.

Things to know about the spawn beacon… which ever way you are facing when you deploy, you will respawn in that direction. IE, if you are facing a wall when you place the beacon,  you will spawn facing the wall, which can confuse your squad as they spawn on it.

To use the beacon, regardless if you’re alone, you must be part of a squad or you will not be able to spawn on it. Once you die and respawn you must replace the beacon to continue using it.  If you die, and are revived, your beacon will remain, but you will be unable to pick it up and reposition it else where unless replenished with ammo.

In any maps where there are air vehicles, means placing a beacon outside will make your squad parachute down.  This can be useful if you are trying to get on a high building that there isn’t an obvious way up. This applies to any game mode, when the conquest map has air vehicles.  To avoid parachuting in these maps, find a spot with a cover.  IE, a shed, building or in a container will allow you to spawn on the ground. This is preferred as it saves time.

When you come across an enemy beacon, it’s very wise to destroy it immediately.  Many people today still ignore them. So if you hear beeps check the mini map to see if it’s friendly, and if not, search for it.  In TDM mode your respawn time is quicker, killing an enemy with a near by beacon will result in a quick revenge.

Keep this in mind when you play as Recon, as the beacons can always help the team.


About battlenoobs

Battlenoobs was created primarily for the beginners in the battlefield who may not have experience with the Battlefield franchises, or FPS in general. While most of the information is basic and targeted at console users, I hope to add some tips and strategies for advanced players as well. Any inaccuracies that you may come across in this blog are result of a game patch.
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