Weapon Accessories: Unlocks

There are many different accessories you can equip on your weapon.  There is no perfect set up and completely depends on your preference.  This is a long debate amongst players, but this is basically to let you know how each accessory works and helpful advice for specific weapons.  This is also still a work in progress, discovering each benefit of an accessory for each weapon used.

  • Laser Sight

This is supposedly to make your bullets more accurate when shooting from the hip. IE, Not aiming while firing.  I do however find, even while aiming it does add an increased accuracy. I find it works particularly well with PDWs as they do lose their accuracy when firing from  a distance.  It can also benefit you by slightly blinding enemies. The downside is that it can also reveal your position.  The laser can be turned off but you will lose the bonus accuracy when it is.

  • Tactical Light

You don’t see people using these as much anymore. But, when strategically used can benefit you greatly. It’s recommended for close quarter or darker environments. However the extreme brightness not only reveals position and blind enemies, but it will blind friendlies as well.  Specific pistols also come with a tactical light, and if desired to use, is probably a better option. This light is also probably not much recommended in Hardcore mode. However this light can be switched off as well.

  • Suppressor

This is a sound suppressor that will decrease the sound and flash of your weapon, that will also keep you from being highlighted on the mini map while firing. This is one of the most popular choices amongst players.  The downside, is that it will increase bullet drop greatly., which in turn will lower your accuracy as player.  I wouldn’t recommend for sniper rifle use, as the bullet drop will dramatically interfere with your aiming and precision.

  • Flash Suppressor

This will hide the flash your gun makes when firing.  As a bonus, this will also help tremendously with vertical recoil. It won’t hide your position on the mini map as a regular suppressor would. The downside however, it will lower your accuracy when firing from the hip.   I find these work exceptionally well with LMGs, or any particular gun that has a irregular amount of recoil.

  • Heavy Barrel

This is a great tool. It will make your bullets more accurate when firing at distance.  Highly recommended for larger maps. It has a slight recoil penalty, but it doesn’t feel like much and it’s worth playing with, especially if you haven’t unlocked your favorite attachment yet.

  • Foregrip

There is a lot of debate about the foregrip and that it’s useless. While it doesn’t provide what it used to, I still find it helpful. It won’t help vertical recoil much but it will help horizontal recoil. Supposedly less accurate at long ranges, but haven’t experienced problems with it. I think it’s well benefited for LMGs also.

  • Bipod

The bipod does one thing. Once deployed you can fire with no recoil at all.  Benefited greatly on high recoil weapons. The downside is, when equipped, and you start firing at an enemy it can sometimes deploy itself if there is a cover barrier in front of you.  Usually resulting in death.

  • Extended Magazine

This adds to the amount of bullets you are able to fire before having to reload. The amount varies between weapons. This unlock is available for LMGs, PDWs, and Shotguns.  Well recommended for PDWs with very small clips or semi auto shotguns.

  • 12g Frag

Only available for shotgun unlocks, the 12g frags have enhanced suppression, which will affect the enemy’s aim and accuracy when countering you. These no longer have intensive damage, so the only benefit is the suppression.

  • 12g Slug

Only available for shotgun unlocks, the 12g slugs increase the range of a shotgun. This means you could fire multiple shots at distance and do more damage than usual. While it doesn’t offer extreme accuracy at long ranges, it will travel further with more damage. Unfortunately this means it loses some power at close range.

  • Buckshot

Equipped by standard on all shotguns,  this does significant damage at close range.  This is the strongest of unlocks for a shotgun.

  • 12g Flechette Darts

For shotguns only, the 12g dart rounds have an increased penetration.  Great for close combat when multiple enemies are close together. It’s not quite as potent as buckshot, but it can hurt multiple enemies more frequently.

Experiment with different accessories while playing and you will find your ideal set up.


About battlenoobs

Battlenoobs was created primarily for the beginners in the battlefield who may not have experience with the Battlefield franchises, or FPS in general. While most of the information is basic and targeted at console users, I hope to add some tips and strategies for advanced players as well. Any inaccuracies that you may come across in this blog are result of a game patch.
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