As you begin to increase your rank you will unlock certain Specializations to give you an extra advantage when playing.  The higher your rank goes, you will unlock the same Specs over again, only these are called Squad Specializations. Meaning, once equipped, this advantage is given to everyone currently in your squad.  

Squad Specs should be used according to necessity and according to other people in your squad. At the beginning of a game, whoever spawns first, will not get any of the specs that his squad has equipped. After death you’ll be able to respawn with all the benefits.  If you notice  you are using the same specialization as someone in your squad, take the opportunity to change it to something else. It can only benefit you. Even if you don’t have squad specs unlocked yet, change it for your own use.

Sprint-  is the first unlock you will receive. This is usually the most common choice.  You may not notice it, but it will make you run a lot faster. It’s a necessity for chases, but also helps you get to position faster in larger maps.


Ammo- This spec will double the amount of bullets you can carry.  Mostly preferred in larger maps, or if your squad lacks a Support. Of course this only benefits if you can stay alive long enough to use it.


Flak Jacket- This one I find useful only in particular maps, as it’s only use is to keep you relatively safer from explosive objects.  When hand grenades are thrown at you, or you go over claymores, this spec will just barely keep you alive, in most cases.  Personally, I believe it to be better in small maps where you know people are likely to encounter explosives.  Most people confuse this spec to protect you from small arms fire and this is not the case. It only applies to explosive content.


Explosives-  most benefited by the Engineer class, this provides you with extra ammunition for explosives like rockets, C4, Claymores. This can be properly used with any class other than Recon, which has no perks for this spec. That being said if you are playing Recon and have Engineers in your squad without this spec, this will be a great addition to give them.   This does not include hand grenades, however, it will in fact give you an extra grenade for a grenade launcher.


Cover-  Reverse to the suppression spec, this will reduce suppressive affects of enemy fire. It will not always keep you clear and accurate, but it will counter the suppression specialization nicely.


Suppression-  A big advantage to have in the game is suppressive fire. When you fire, this spec will make enemies vision blurred for longer than it would without the spec. While suppressed, you lose a lot of accuracy, making it harder for the enemy to get the kill. Extremely useful for winning one on one gunfire.


Frag- This will give you an additional hand grenade. So you will carry 2 in stead of the standard 1 it gives you by default. This spec can be at it’s most use in smaller maps. But at the same time not everyone considers to throw it. If you see this spec in your squad, make an effort to throw them.


About battlenoobs

Battlenoobs was created primarily for the beginners in the battlefield who may not have experience with the Battlefield franchises, or FPS in general. While most of the information is basic and targeted at console users, I hope to add some tips and strategies for advanced players as well. Any inaccuracies that you may come across in this blog are result of a game patch.
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