Claymore Strategies


After 100 kills you will receive a service star and a basic dog tag. After 300 kills you achieve a medal and an advanced dog tag. At 500 kills you have now unlocked the mastery dog tag.

These are one of the biggest challenges to get kills with since the latest patch. Not because they are weaker, but because they disappear seconds after you’ve died.  Though, you can still get a claymore kill within seconds of dying. If you are revived, the claymores will not remain and you must re-deploy them.

Lets walk through the calymores.  The M18 Claymore is a small mine for enemy infantry.  Once walked over,  it will detonate and injure or kill the soldier in the process.  Doesn’t matter if you walk over them in the center or you walk even to the side of it, they will still explode. Whether you live or die through an explosion is completely luck, unless you are weaning the the Flak Jacket Specialization. This will keep you alive 98% of the time (0% in Hardcore mode) While you will still be badly hurt, you are left with the opportunity to heal and continue.  You can also bypass enemy claymores by crouching or proning over them.  If a claymore explodes when you crouch over them, it was very likely it was lag that didn’t register you crouching. One single claymore is enough for a kill, however sometimes it will just damage them. People sometimes put down 2 at once, or put 1 down and the 2nd not far away.  I prefer two different areas. As i would rather maybe 1 kill and a damage assist,  then just one kill. It’s debatable, and whichever you prefer.

Claymores these days, are a little more effort than putting them in a populated path and waiting for the kill.  Strategies have changed and these have become more of a “camper tool”  than anything. Meaning you are most likely to find claymores  when an enemy is hiding in a building, for example.  He will kill from the same position and wait for someone to come after him. While this is affective in getting claymore kills, this is a noobish act and I’m trying to make you a real soldier.

Counter-camping is one way to go about this. It can be hard to determine, as some campers like to go back to the same place the whole time, and others will just find a new spot. But if you’ve killed a camper and he does appear to go back to the same place,  leave a claymore trap for him. Also there is the Fake-camping.  When you kill an enemy, stay in the same position for about  5 seconds after the kill feed disappears, leave a claymore in the spot he will search for you. This only works well against higher ranks, or if the opposing team has the flag closest to your position.

While those are more creative ideas for claymore kills, a good way to use them is by taking position.  If the enemy has  1-2 flags nearest to the one you are taking, it would be good to place a claymore facing both ends  to protect any grounds. If you do not get a kill, but damage him, you will know an enemy is approaching simply by getting a hit marker (white X on the screen in front of you) At that point, the incoming soldier won’t require many bullets to kill him.  This is a great method if you are a cautious soldier.

A similar method to one above is after taking a position, and leaving a claymore in the path of an enemy position.  Meaning, if you take the D flag that is right next to B flag that is enemy base, place a claymore in the path heading from B to D. Stopping them before they reach it. The same method applies in Rush mode as well, claymores are well used to protect M-COM stations.

There are some cheap ways to get kills as well. Such as placing a claymore slightly in front of an enemy spawn beacon. When they start to walk their spawn protection is cancelled and they’ll go over the claymore without noticing it. Or if they are trapped in deployment place them at strategic exits.

While all these tips are based on you staying alive, those methods should allow you the most chance of living long enough to see a kill.


About battlenoobs

Battlenoobs was created primarily for the beginners in the battlefield who may not have experience with the Battlefield franchises, or FPS in general. While most of the information is basic and targeted at console users, I hope to add some tips and strategies for advanced players as well. Any inaccuracies that you may come across in this blog are result of a game patch.
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