AT Mine Strategies


Anti Tank Mines have been increasing in difficulty to get many kills.  With the use of spotting explosives and thermal vision, they are easily bypassed by enemies.  It’s recommended to use the Explosive Spec to allow yourself to carry the maximum of 6 mines, in stead of the standard 3. Not everyone uses thermals, and some people button mash the spot button to be able to locate any possible mines in front of them.

Lately you will see people putting down mines in maps where there are no vehicles. This will least benefit you who deployed them. The mines would be activated with a grenade exploding them, but, whoever throws the grenade will get the kill.  And this will not help you get mine kills.

Vehicles are much weaker, so it shouldn’t  take many mines to get the kill.  For a certain kill I’d recommended placing 3 per tank. For vans and jeeps it would only require one.  Mines will remain on the ground until they are triggered. Being, either you destroy a vehicle or someone destroys your mines.

Strategic places for mines can vary.  For instance, driving to the deployment of the enemy and placing down mines. A tank may possibly spot them, but people in jeeps won’t likely notice.  if suitable in the map, shallow water is a good place to place them.

In maps where vehicles spawn at the flags is also a great opportunity to place mines.  You can place a single mine in front of a jeep, making it as close to the wheels as possible. Same applies to tanks, however, a better strategy is  drive the tank out a few inches, place your mines and reverse over them. If an enemy goes into the tank and starts driving, the tank will disable and destroy.  For those methods, I’d recommend it only if you have taken position alone, or go into an enemy base alone. Teammates may want to use these vehicles and your mines will go to waste in the place you’ve put them.

Another technique is to stand on top of a jeep, and deploy mines on top of it. Driving over someone, or driving into a tank will still cause the mines to explode. I’d recommend using 6 mines, as it’s very hard to exit the jeep and still live. You are also very vulnerable to suicide if something (Even friendly explosives) hits you.  This is suggested for Engineers who hate running around in a map without a repair tool.  And in the process still helps you get mine kills.

Deployment of mines can differ. There is no right or wrong way.  You can put 3 bunched together on top of each other to try and avoid a big stack.  You can put a horizontal cluster of 3,  or some people throw them anywhere. Just remember, they must be close enough to each other to set the other ones off. If one mine is a little out of distance with the others you may just get a disable and not a kill.  Some people also throw down a straight line of mines. Will work for a jeep, but the jeep’s momentum will carry and you will kill the enemy with likely one mine, and the jeep will detonate the others and waste them. Post-patch this method is more likely to work with tanks.  However, I really do not recommend throwing down 6 mines in a straight line when 3 will work.

You must watch out for enemies mixing their mines with friendly ones.  If there are friendly mines that are highlighted and some extra ones aren’t,  spot them to double check and pick them up if you are an Engineer, or just destroy the whole lot.  This is why I do not suggest to throw your mines with enemy mines. While it will confuse your enemy to go over them thinking he is safe, a friendly may have already destroyed the enemy mines before it could happen.

A word on enemy mines. If you see a tank parked or approaching enemy mines, you can throw a grenade over them, or fire a rocket at the mines for them to explode. If it was enough mines, you can take out the entire tank as a grenade kill. This obviously does not get you mine kills, but a good tip to take note of when a tank approaches or when an enemy throws a grenade at your tank.


About battlenoobs

Battlenoobs was created primarily for the beginners in the battlefield who may not have experience with the Battlefield franchises, or FPS in general. While most of the information is basic and targeted at console users, I hope to add some tips and strategies for advanced players as well. Any inaccuracies that you may come across in this blog are result of a game patch.
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