Assignments: All Kits




  • Arm 10 M-COMs
  • Capture 10 Flags
  • Play 2 hours on Karkand

Reward: PP-19

The good news here is that most of these objectives should come naturally. That main point of BF3 is to play the objective in whatever game mode you are playing. This assignment requires you to play Conquest and Rush.

Taking objective in Conquest is easy and you should be able to capture 10 flags in 2 games. or even in one if the enemy keeps you running.  Try a nice big map with 4 objectives, or play on Karkand maps that have up to 5 flags.

The good thing about arming 10 M-COMs is just that. You only need to arm them, it doesn’t matter if they are destroyed or not. Even if Rush is not your game these will be fairly easy to achieve, and maybe Squad Rush will be an easier method.

Playing 2 hours of Karkand, to my experience means 2 hours on any map in B2K.  However i could be wrong and this means play 2 hours on the map “Strike at Karkand”. But I strongly believe I achieved this by every b2k map I played.



10 Kills with PP-19
10 Kills with DPV Jeep
10 Kills in BTR-90 IFV
Play 2 hours of Sharqi Peninsula
Play 2 hours of Gulf Of Oman

Reward: MK3A1

The PP-19 you will be rewarded in the previous assignment. You only need 10 kills with it for this assignment. It has a small mag and quick rate of fire so aim nicely. It is not necessary to restrict yourself using this gun in only B2K maps.

5 kills in the DPV jeep. This jeep can only be found  on B2K maps. There are other jeeps as well, so be sure to be in the right one. These jeeps look more like a sand buggy  and ride very low compared to the other jeeps  You can get kills by roadkilling, or in the gunner’s seat.  It’s hard to be a passenger and rely on the driver to take you to action.  Try to be the driver in your jeep and run over passing infantry. If you see someone up higher where you can drive over them quickly change positions in the jeep to the gunner (if you have no passengers) and take aim to the soldier.  When riding in jeeps take notice to the ground and watch out for enemy mines.

10 kills in the BTR tank. This is probably the hardest to achieve surprisingly enough.  The BTR is  IFV, it looks almost exactly like the LAV and BMP.  This tank is only found one map, period. And this is Gulf of Oman. Also, it’s only found when you are playing conquest on this map, not Conquest Assault.  To make it more difficult, the BTR only deploys if you are on the RU side.  One will spawn in Deployment and one will spawn at Delta.   These will only respawn at Delta if your team (RU) has position. If the enemy (US) has position an LAV will respawn it’s place.  The BTR has more wheels on it, but if you cannot tell the difference, take notice what it’s name is before entering. It will usually say “Enter LAV” or “Enter BTR” .  These also drive very different than the LAV, and if using Thermal Optics on the IFV, when using it in a BTR is magnified. So it’s not recommended to drive around with thermal optics.  You can still achieve these kills by being a gunner or shooting in a passenger seat.  Also if you always seem to spawn as US, you can  RPG the tank and scare the driver out. If this works watch for him and kill him, and repair his tank.

The next two objectives are 2 hours on Sharqi Peninsula, and Gulf of Oman. While of course you can get the hours on these by exiting and using quick match to enter another game. The easiest method is to use Server Browser and search for B2K Server. The map rotation will only be Karkand maps. Take note tho,  if applying this method to the first assignment,  it will not count towards 2 hours of Sharqi or Gulf. There is no killing 2 birds with one stone.


About battlenoobs

Battlenoobs was created primarily for the beginners in the battlefield who may not have experience with the Battlefield franchises, or FPS in general. While most of the information is basic and targeted at console users, I hope to add some tips and strategies for advanced players as well. Any inaccuracies that you may come across in this blog are result of a game patch.
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