Mortar Strategies


The M224 Mortar, unlike other equipment, you don’t get a service star after every 100 kills. You can achieve a Mortar Medal after 300 kills,  and after 5 Medals (yes 1500 kills)  you can unlock another dog tag. While this may seem impossible, with these tips you can passively get to that total. The M224 Mortar is also considered a vehicle.

Before we get into strategies, let’s talk about how it works. When you deploy a Mortar, your mini map will expand.  Your cross hairs will now be located on this map, not in the middle of the screen as per usual.  You must rotate it until the cross hairs are located where you want to fire.  It’s easy to get confused at first.

While you can take a Mortar in any time or place, I personally feel the map and timing is the most important.   The obvious choice is using the Mortars in Hardcore mode where you can get the most damage with it. While it benefits, this is not required to get your kills. Be warned that once you fire with a Mortar, your position will be revealed to the enemy.

The best time to use the Mortar is when you have a team stuck in deployment.  The best map to use is one where they have limited space to leave deployment.  When you  deploy Mortars the only thing at the moment you will have to worry yourself with is a counter Mortar.  In future, the patch will nerf this so no one can deploy the Mortar in their deployment. To which the developers have clearly not thunk that through as once you have them trapped the whole team could go on Mortars and the enemies can’t do anything about it.

In any case,  to dodge a Mortar is easy.  Find a location that has a roof or cover. Deploy your Mortars as far underneath as it will let you.  When a Mortar tries to counter you, he will likely put his cross hairs directly on top of you. But you will be directly underneath cover.  Until he figures out he is not getting hits and he adjusts his aim right in front of you, you will be relatively safe.  In most cases you will take a bit of damage when he can get his aim correct. In which case you will know to abandon your equipment.  This is another strategy, though.  But that should buy you enough time to take out the enemy countering you.

In some maps you may not always find the perfect cover that faces the right direction needed.  You must keep a look out for enemy Mortars. You can see soldiers deploying a Mortar on the map, this will show a Mortar symbol in white, but for milliseconds.  They are busy looking for you.  If you can memorize the location you saw them setting up, you can fire there and kill them. If you hesitate, it’s better to quickly jump off the equipment and re-deploy else where.  You can dodge enemy Mortars by firing and jumping off to run.  You don’t have to remain on the Mortar to get the kill.
Another interesting tip to use the Mortars is the smoke shells. These don’t have to be unlocked, they come standard with the Mortar. You can change it with a button before firing out your Mortar.  The smoke can be used to help your team take position, or even frazzle and confused enemies to staying still so you can fire a regular missile at them. Keep a lookout for spotted enemies, and see if they remain still once smoke is fired.

Don’t forget the Mortars can also take out vehicles or explosives.  You can accumulate points just by firing at mines or claymores that are spotted on the map. This will also help your team. When taking out tank, consider it’s velocity when firing.  Once disabled, it cannot move very fast,  so you should know not to aim far in front of it. Also, in this case,  an Engineer could be repairing it. In this case try shooting at different angles of the tank to kill him.

As it is currently the M224 Mortar doesn’t do much splash damage. But if you can get a direct shot this will be an instant kill.  The Mortar requires some patience, the kills do not come easy.  So bring it out at the most opportune moment.


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Battlenoobs was created primarily for the beginners in the battlefield who may not have experience with the Battlefield franchises, or FPS in general. While most of the information is basic and targeted at console users, I hope to add some tips and strategies for advanced players as well. Any inaccuracies that you may come across in this blog are result of a game patch.
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