Game Modes

There are different game modes in Battlefield 3.  Conquest, Conquest Assault, Rush, Squad Rush, Team Deathmatch and Squad Deathmatch.

  • Conquest is your basic capture the flag mode.  Each team starts off with a set amount of tickets, while all the flags start out as mutual ground shown as white.  The team with the least amount of flags, will start to see their tickets drop.  While you do lose a ticket for every respawn,  the way to win in Conquest is by capturing as many flags as possible, until the enemy team have 0 tickets left.  To capture a flag, simply go to a mutual or enemy objective (A, B, C, D) and if you are close enough to it you can begin taking it back.  There are a few things to take notice to when taking position.  If you can hear it ticking, you are taking the position safely.  If you see the circle in front of you still going clockwise, but it has stopped ticking, That means an enemy has approached,  but he is out numbered by your team.  If you are taking position alone,  and the ticking stops, and the circle stops moving,  this means one enemy soldier is at the position, If you start to hear it ticking again, but it’s now going counter clockwise, this means  you are outnumbered by enemies.   Note, though, if there are many friendlies taking a position and one enemy, the flag will still stick as usual.  You can defend a position by keeping watch on your mini map. If one of your poistions start to blink on the mini map, then an enemy is busy trying to take it. The mini map can sometimes glitch, and misinform you of this, but you should be able to figure out when it’s inaccurate.
  • Conquest Assault is nearly the same as Conquest, but this mode is only available to B2K (Back to Karkand) expansion pack owners.  Also, this mode cannot be chosen by quick match or server browser. It’s purely luck when selecting a Karkand map.  CA is the same logistics as regular Conquest, however at the start of the game, only one team will start off having all positions. The other team gains 10 tickets per objective, which is not often fair in a 5 flag map. One team will be busy assaulting objectives, while another tries to defend what they have started with.  In this mode, there is often a glitch where if the team that started off with all objectives can no longer spawn, if the enemy has regained all their positions. This is due to home team not having their own deployment.  But basically results in an un official forfeit.
  • Rush mode consists of 2 teams. Attackers and Defenders. In Rush the maps will replay for both sides to play each team.  There is a total of 6-8 M-COMs in a Rush Map, but ony 2 can be armed at any time. As Attackers, you team gets 75 tickets (or spawns)  per 2 M-COMs.  If you successfully arm and destroy both M-COMs, the map will expand, 2 more objectives surface and your tickets replenish to 75 once more.  As a Defender,  you must protect the M-COMs from being armed and kill the enemies until they have 0 tickets left. Leaving them unable to respawn. Rush can sometimes end very shortly if the Defenders kill off all the Attacker’s tickets at the first 2 M-COMs.
  • Squad Rush is a miniature version of regular rush, but meant for 2 squads.  A total of 8 players can play Squad Rush. Squads of 4 will attack or defend one M-COM at a time. However there are only 2 M-COMs in Squad Rush and these are usually a very quick game. As the attacking team only gets 25 tickets at a time.
  • Team Deathmatch is actually what’s called. There is nothing to attack but the enemy. In Team Deathmatch you must be the first team to reach 100 kills.  If a soldier accepts a revive, the other team does not gain a kill towards their total. You will often see many players play as Assault for this fact. The same Conquest maps are used, but it’s confined to a specific area.
  • Squad Deathmatch is also the miniature version to TDM.  Only 16 players can play at any time, each in squads of 4. The total kills is dropped to 50 kills for the win.  The only difference between TDM and Squad Deathmatch is that a tank will respawn in random places on the map.  The first team to reach the tank usually benefits the most. Once a tank is destroyed, it will eventually respawn.  The maps used are the same as TDM, however the location is usually different and expanded larger. There are one or 2 maps that does not include a tank. But infantry servers are available for Squad Deathmatch.

While all these modes are available, only in the Server Browser will you be able to find specific servers.

  • Normal is what you are likely used to playing. You can spawn on your squad, and not have friendly fire issued.
  • Hardcore is a numbed down version of normal. In stead of 100% health  you start off with 60%. So you can die or kill much easier in this mode.  You are not able to spawn on your squad in most cases.  There is not suppose to be kill cams in hardcore, however sometimes it will show one.  Hardcore doesn’t show your ammo or health hud.  Friendly fire is active and you will be kicked from the game if you kill 5 friendlies. There are however  more differences than normal, and  seemingly a different, but worth trying for something different.
  • Infantry servers can be fun. Infantry is where everyone is on foot. There are no vehicles other than jeeps, and not many of them. If you are tired of the over use of tanks or choppers, this can be a very refreshing mode.
  • Finally the Unranked servers.  These will seem pointless to most players, but it’s recommended for newbies who want to practice and not taint their stats with less than perfect game play.  While Unranked, nothing is logged to your stats, and everyone starts off with no unlocks at all. Everything is unlocked again as you play in these servers.  Everything will still be intact when you go back into a normal server. This can be used to practice flying jets or choppers.

Each game mode (except Conquest Assault) offers 3 dog tags to unlock. 10 ribbons played will get you a basic dog tag. 10 ribbons won will get you another basic dog tag. 50 ribbons won unlocks you a medal and an advanced dog tag showing how many games of that specific mode you have won.


About battlenoobs

Battlenoobs was created primarily for the beginners in the battlefield who may not have experience with the Battlefield franchises, or FPS in general. While most of the information is basic and targeted at console users, I hope to add some tips and strategies for advanced players as well. Any inaccuracies that you may come across in this blog are result of a game patch.
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