Choosing a Class: ASSAULT.


Assault is what we commonly call a medic. He can heal and revive  friendly soldiers. Mind you, a friendly’s medic kit can also heal enemy soldiers as well.  Medic kits are indicated on the mini map with a little bandaid symbol.  If you are injured and look on the map there may  be one around to replenish your health.  Also  when injured, the mini map can show you to an Assault who is carrying medic kits.  This will show as a +  and it will blink when badly damaged, indicating to all nearby Assault that you are in need of restoration.  You can request healing from an Assault who is carrying  kits. This option won’t be available when the Assault has opted out for another weapon. In most cases today, a medic kit can be scarce with the different options an Assault can carry.

A good Assault revives his teammates.  Once dead, he can activate his defibrillators to a fallen soldier. This will indicate on the mini map or on the soldier as a heartbeat monitor, in stead of the regular skull that the other classes can see. You can only revive soldiers with this heartbeat monitor. In some cases,  you cannot revive a soldier due to his particular death.  You also cannot revive a soldier who didn’t accept a revive.  Once revived, a soldier is immediately back in the game where he died, with his pistol deployed.  You have the option of respawning, or accepting the revive.  In the state before choosing, you can fire your pistol and still be able to kill enemies.  If you die before choosing,  you will not gain an extra death, nor will your killer get an extra kill. When you have accepted a revive, a ticket is not lost by the team, and will subtract from your total deaths.  This can be very helpful in ticket based game modes.

An Assault can replace his medic kit in the menu to a grenade launcer, smoke launcher or the M26 Mass.

  •  M320 Grenade launchers can be very useful if you see a cluster of enemies. The aiming of it can take practice but once mastered is a great tool.
  •  Smoke launchers can also be very affective.  It is possible to kill someone with a smoke shell, however the impact must be perfect.  Smoke can provide you and your team a lot of cover to take position, or  escape a crowded path.  Smoke shells are often dismissed, but they are worth trying out.
  •  The M26 Mass is a lightweight shotgun.  Though it is one shot and reload like the grenade launcher. These don’t have much range, But impact is instant death while in close quarter maps.

About battlenoobs

Battlenoobs was created primarily for the beginners in the battlefield who may not have experience with the Battlefield franchises, or FPS in general. While most of the information is basic and targeted at console users, I hope to add some tips and strategies for advanced players as well. Any inaccuracies that you may come across in this blog are result of a game patch.
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