Ways to use C4

Personal video of mine. This can show you the diverse ways of using C4 explosives.  Experiment a little.

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Tantrum #4

Playing TDM as an Assault and hearing people on the microphone ask  “god why do they revive you? It’s so annoying”   To save tickets and win, you asshat. Now help your team by staying alive.

Do not be that noob.

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CQ Assignments: ALL KITS




  • 20 kills with pistols
  • 20 kills with shotguns

Reward: SPAS-12

We’re back to shotgunning. This will be extremely easy in CQD or TDM . You can use semi auto, your pump action 870 or even the M26 Mass.  It’s literally a no brainer.

Pistol kills are usually done by last resort when your mag run dries in your primary weapon. This doesn’t have to be the case. You can run around with your pistol. Pistol only servers will get you the kills in a single game. Using pistols like the 93R or .44 Magnum in Hardcore mode will also be quite overpowering.




  • Finish top 5 in Gun Master
  • 100 kills with Sub Machine guns.

Reward: M5K

I don’t have much advise to finish 1st or even top 5 in gun master. It’s all on you and how good your aim is. Shooting people in the back works best.  A helpful hint is to sit as far out as you can to observe the surroundings, when you see someone you can run towards his direction. It’s similar to camping, however I’m not telling you should stick in a corner and kill passers by.  Also knifing people can help boost your rank in Gun Master. You can check who is in the lead from the spawn screen. You’ll see which weapons they are on. So if you run into this person with his back turned, go for the knife rather than shooting, I say!

Sub machine guns are the PDWs. The guns that can be used with any class.  They don’t come with much ammo and have a very fast rate of fire. So an ammo spec, or support class is better suited while using the PDWs, but not necessary if your k/d is around 1,00 or lower.   These are greatly used in TDM and CQD.

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CQ Assignments: RECON




  • 10 T-UGS sssists
  • Capture 20 flags

Rewards: M417

10 motion assists I’m pretty sure we’ve done this before.. I will probably give you the same tips. Classic maps like Operation Metro or Grand Bazaar, the busiest point is B. Putting a motion sensor in this area will easily get you the assists in one game.

Capturing 20 flags is an easy mission. Especially while playing Conquest Domination. You capture the flags more quickly than you do in normal conquest. And you are busy running around to the next flag that was lost. A 500% CQD match will probably take as long as a normal conquest game, but with a dozen more flag attacker ribbons. You can probably achieve this in one 500% game.




  • 50 Kills with sniper rifles
  • Win 3 rounds of Conquest Domination

Rewards: JNG-90

Now if you’ve finished the first Recon CQ assignment quickly, then the 50 kills with a sniper rifle  can already be adding up from the Premium Dog Tags assignments. So you shouldn’t have much left to kill if you’ve timed it right. If you didn’t, and already done your L96 kills, try using a semi auto rifle with iron sites or quick scope. You’ll get these much easier, and you’ll be on your way to a sniper rifle medal.

3 CQD Wins isn’t much, but then again it seems completely random if you’ll win or not. If you stop to defend a flag, then the enemy will probably be busy taking another one.  While killing will help decrease tickets and win these games, to drain the tickets at a faster rate, your team has to keep position for as long as possible.

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CQ Assignments: ENGINEER




  • 20 AT Rocket Kills
  • 30 Kills with Carbines

Reward: ACW-R

A lot of people been using the rockets on infantry, like in CQ.  If you want to do this, then do so. It will be much easier to get your kills off infantry than off tanks.  They have a decreased damage when used on infantry however.  That is not to say you will struggle to kill people with them. But to ensure yourself a kill I’d suggest shooting a few bullets into them before shooting a rocket their way.

30 Kills you should already be getting with your Scar-H.  Again CQ or TDM matches will rush this along.




  • Get a kill with EOD Bot
  • 100 kills with Carbines

Reward: MTAR-21

A lot of people struggle with the EOD Bot, probably cos it’s hard to maneuver, and very easily destroyed. I have written  EOD Bot vs Repair Tool  guide that includes some strategies on getting an EOD kill. Those are mainly for rush or hardcore mode lovers.  So, unless you want to ask your friend to switch teams to kill him…..  you can try what I did.   In Operation Metro. Preferably you want to be on the RU side, and at the start of a match.  Run straight to B and set up your bot at the end of B by the escalators closest to C.  Leave it in the corner and run off to take cover. Eventually you will see many enemies run up past you, let them take cover behind the wall or wait until they start shooting, then you can drive towards them and start drilling.  While it’s not mandatory you be on the RU side or wait till the start of the map, it’s going to be a lot easier to get your bot set up.

Another easy thing to try,so simple and probably not often thought of.. Keep the Eod Bot equipped at all times, or in those big maps.  As soon as you come  across a sniper or camper just quickly take your bot out and place it right behind him. Start drilling. The  downside of this is that it probably will not be placed if the sniper is on an unbalanced rock or something similar. But don’t worry, there are plenty of campers out there willing to have their backs turned to the ation.

You should be at least a third of the way there by using the Scar-H.  If you didn’t like using this gun, then now is your chance to switch. (You’re just gonna be forced to use it later on anyways)  A lot of people favor the M4A1, or the new ACW-R you’ve just unlocked.

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CQ Assignments: SUPPORT



  • 20 Squad Resupplies
  • 20 Kills with Light Machine Guns

Reward: L86A2

We’re on to squad resupplies, these should also come very easy, any of your squad who use shotguns wil definitely need some ammo very fast. Always spawn on your squad and throw ammo as soon as you do. You’ll have your resupplies within a game or two.

LMGs are not always easy to use for some people. Though it’s recommended to use the PKP so the progress you’ve made with unlocking your premium tags will count towards this one as well. Again CQ maps will get you the kills quickly, if you still find the LMG hard to use try and a flash suppressor and a bipod.




  • 10 Kills with C4
  • 10 Knife take downs

Reward: LSAT

If you’ve played Close Quarters already, you wil find there are many C4ing the flag camping around to detonate it when the enemy is reclaiming the flag. If you can find a server that allows it (such as the official dice servers, eg SERVER0823)  then you will be able to get away with C4ing the flags without getting kicked, just maybe a hint of hatemail. It is pretty frowned upon, but you’ll get your kills more quickly than C4ing vehicles.

10 Knife Take downs isn’t much. This can be done while you’re out C4ing flags.  Though I do personally find it harder to knife in CQ due to the fact teams are bunched together, you are likely to be killed before you get his tags. Other ways are in TDM.  Another way is Knife Only servers or the new Gun Master mode. In the beginning everyone is using pistols and it’s  much easier to catch them still or maneuver around them. On a plus side, you demote them whenever you get their tags.

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CQ Assignments: ASSAULT




  • 10 Squad Revives
  • 30 Assault Rifle kills

Reward: AUG A3

Ok now chances are you’ve downloaded your close quarters and desperate to try it out, so, if you’ve been playing assault, you’ll probably have it unlocked within the first game or two.

If not, then do some TDM. Any close quarter type map will get your needed kills quickly.
For the squad heals,  if you actively revive your squad then you will get these while you are going for your 2nd objective. If you don’t do much reviving, I’d suggest follow your squad around more.




  • 20 kills with Underslung Grenade Launcher
  • 15 kills with Hand Grenades

Rewards:  Scar-L

Here we go again with more grenade launcher kills. I personally feel the aim has been nerfed since the first patch, But again if you use these in Close Quarters  (the Expansion or any  CQ type map) then shooting in the general direction of someone will probably get you a kill fro the splash damage.  In CQ if you run into a squad or two taking position then grenade launcher or hand grenade is the best option.

You’ll have to train yourself to start actively throwing hand grenades if you don’t already. The Frag spec will give you an added grenade so it’s very recommended. Some ways to go for a HG kill is if you can pop a few bullets in a guy and then throw the grenade, the smallest bit of damage done by the grenade will kill him.  Also a way for grenade kills is if you put tank mines or C4 on a populated ground.  If you throw a grenade over them it will increase the range of what a hand grenade usually explodes. (Cos it’s detonating other explosives, obviously)  This will indeed count as a grenade kill, but the only problem with this method is if grenades are thrown by either team, they themselves can get a grenade kill for it.

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Knife Montage

Today I’m introducing a video section the blog. It will include my own personal gameplay and other’s.  This is my very first gameplay  upload… To get updates on my videos alone,  go to my facebook page, they’ll be updated there first.

On another note I’m trying to finish up the CQ assignments, hold tight.

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Tantrum #3

Have you ever checked those pipes by Alpha on Kharg Island?  Have you ever walked on them and went out in the middle of the ocean till the pipe ends? Well, of course, why would you?  Tell that to my squad mate who ran out on the pipes to shoot jets with his LMG. He may or may not have gotten a kill this way. You be the judge.

Do not be that noob.

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Assignments: Premium Dog Tags.




  • 50 kills with the F2000
  • 25 Headshots with the F2000
  • 50 squad heals



The F2000 is very easy gun to use. 50 kills are not much to get, but for quick kills, TDM  mode or even the CQ maps will work really well.

25 headshots should also come pretty easy within the 50 kills, but if you’re struggling, try taking the easy kill. An enemy on stationary, mortars,  a jeep, etc,  take the aim to his head to move the headshots along.

50 squad heals sound like it’s easy, but everyone seems to run away when you leave medics down.  These heals only apply to members of your squad so following them around and throwing medic kits at them will be the easiest.




  • 50 kills with the PKP Pecheneg
  • 50 squad resupplies

Reward: Image

50 kills with the PKP LMG can also easily be obtained in TDM or CQ.  The rounds will offer significant suppression to interfere with the enemy’s vision and giving you advantage.

50 resupplies account only to your squad members. Follow anyone with a shotgun and you will have quick resupplies. Maps where most prefer to spawn as engineer will likely give you quick resupplies as well.




  • 50 kills with the L96
  • 25 headshots with the L96
  • 25 spawns on your spawn beacon

Reward:ImageThe L96 is a bolt action sniper rifle. You can only get this weapon if you have completed B2K assignment  “Creeping Death”.  If you haven’t used this weapon because you don’t snipe, the best option will be to go iron sight.  Will do a lot of damage to enemies hitting them in their vitals. If you can unlock your favorite scope, the better.  Any map would work for aggressive recon style,  but if you are going for proper sniping to get the headshots too,  I’ recommend a Caspian Border TDM, or Tehran Highway (TDM or CQ)

When it comes to the 25 headshots, this weapon is not as accurate as it used to be if you’ve played with it before. Even at around 200m you could place the scope directly on his head for a clean shot. However now, starting around 100m you must lift the scope ever so slightly and increase the height the further away your target gets.

25 Beacon spawns will come quite quickly.  For even quicker pace, a good place to use beacons is in Rush, or TDM. In TDM it’s not possible to spawn on your squad. But everyone wants to be able to spawn. If you put a beacon down you are guarenteed to have your squad spawning on your beacon after every death. You are not forced to use a rifle while doing this, but you can freely use a PDW while getting your spawns. But make sure the beacon does not parachute you.




  • 50 kills with Scar-H
  • 50 squad repairs
  • 25 shotgun kills


Personally I do not find the Scar-H a fun gun to use. But it must be done. It might be difficult to get 50 kills if you are only playing engineer in big vehicle maps, so a TDM or close quarter map will help you get the 50 kills you need.

50 squad repairs can be tricky. Usually you try to repair a guy and he abandons the vehicle. Going in a scout chopper as a passenger could get you some quick repairs.  If you are a gunner in a tank, jump out and go behind the tank to repair if an enemy tank fires. These may take a bit to accumulate if you don’t have friends to play with, and know the guy repairing usually gets killed in most scenarios.

25 shotgun kills is simple. Any noob can shoot a shotgun, so you’re in luck.  These will work well in any small map so try it out. Take note that you MUST be Engineer class to have your shotgun kills accumulate towards this assignment.




  • 30 Kills with Assault Rifles
  • 30 Kills with Carbines
  • 30 Kills with Sniper Rifles
  • 30 Kills with Light Machine Guns
  • Get 15 kills with Pistols

Reward:ImageFrom my experience, I had everything checked off this list when doing the previous assignments, but I never “completed” the assignment until the others were finished.  So that being said, Just continue on with the previous assignments and the other Close Quarter assignments and this will come easily.

For Pistol kills I’d recommend just playing a couple matches of Gun Master if you’ve already downloaded Close Quarters. This will also account towards other assignment objectives.

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